Impromptu holidays or turning off emails are oft-touted ways to strike work-life balance, but they’re not always realistic. Here are six sanity-saving strategies that are doable.

This video is from BBC Ideas, short films for curious minds.

We hear a lot about going ‘off the grid’ to strike that elusive work-life balance. But what if we can’t afford to jet off to a remote island for a digital detox, or to lock our smartphones in a safe for a week?

BBC Ideas spoke with Bruce Daisley, Twitter’s VP of Europe, who offers six tips to unplug just enough – so that a mini-sabbatical or an email sojourn won’t make you look like a slacker, or make you feel that you’re out of the office loop.

One strategy is even called ‘monk mode’. A morning ritual not quite as ascetic as it sounds, it involves holing up at home for 90 minutes a day before coming into the office. That way, you’re not as chained to your desk as you’d normally be, but are still putting in that needed face time.

Have a look at the video for more tactics.

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