A J-pop band for the crypto craze
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Confused by cryptocurrencies? These pop idols are here to help.

Over the next month, we’re celebrating technology and innovation in a new series called Bright Sparks. As part of the series, we’re bringing back some of our favourite articles about the people and ideas that are changing the world with technology.

Newcomers to the crypto craze often have trouble wrapping their heads around the concept – so a new Japanese pop group is here to help.

Each member of the 'Virtual Currency Girls' – or Kasotsuka Shojo in Japanese – adopts the guise of a different cryptocurrency, wearing metallic wrestling-style masks and frilly maid outfits as they dance and sing about virtual markets.

Coming from a country with some of the world’s biggest digital exchanges, the Virtual Currency Girls dream of promoting their music while encouraging the use of cryptocurrencies around the globe.

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