The man who ice skates to work
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David Allanson straps blades to his feet and glides 3.5km over a frozen lake to get to work.

David Allanson moved into a house next to a lake in Falun, Sweden so that he could ice skate to work every day during the winter (and commute by kayak in summer time).

The shortest distance between his home and the hotel where he works 3.5km, but he usually goes the long way around some nearby islands, turning his journey into a chilly 10km workout.

David is able to make the journey thanks to a team of volunteers who plough snow from the lake, to make the tracks clear and safe for locals. But while many people use them for fun at weekends, he’s one of only a small number embracing them as an alternative to commuting on the area’s icy roads.

He uses 48cm Nordic skates, which are more similar to cross-country skis than the skates used on ice rinks. Along with waterproof trousers and an insulating jacket, he layers up with extra socks, two hats and a helmet, so he can keep warm even when temperatures drop as low as -25C (-13F).

Video by Benoit Derrier and Maddy Savage.

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