Craig Curelop, 25, lives by an “own everything, use nothing” philosophy. He hopes that his extreme frugality will allow him to retire by the time he's 28.

For most 25-year-olds, retirement practically could not seem further away. That is not the case for Craig Curelop – or, at least, that is what he is quite literally banking on.

Curelop, who lives in Denver in the US state of Colorado, is a member of the increasingly popular FIRE movement (financial independence, retire early). Followers of the philosophy live by a minimalist, frugal lifestyle enabling them to save as much money as possible to retire as early as they are able. In Curelop’s case, the target age is 28.

His “own everything, use nothing” philosophy” has touched nearly every corner of his existence, augmenting the way he lives. He has even gone so far as renting out his bedroom and sleeping in his living room for a year.

A financial planner by trade, Curelop feels that with his strategies to save, by 28 he will “definitely be there” to quit his salaried job.