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Why this 18-year-old loves being a chimney sweep


Look up to a rooftop among the houses throughout Upper Bavaria, Germany, and you might find 18-year-old Luisa Tonetto doing one of the daily tasks of her job, such as building a chimney.

Tonetto is a chimney sweep apprentice – a hands-on job that dates back to the Middle Ages in Germany. Although she says most of her friends do traditional jobs including office work and lab technology, she much prefers the apprenticeship she does – inspecting smoke detectors, installing and cleaning furnaces and more – even though the trade isn’t a traditional one for women or others her age.

“I know today many want to become Instagram stars, or become famous via the internet, but I don’t believe in this to be honest,” Tonetto says. “I think that, over time, it can mentally break someone. This constant comparison – who is the prettiest, who is the thinnest, who has the most likes. Therefore, I’d rather do a craftsmanship.”

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