The arm’s-length flats of Tokyo
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The arm’s-length flats of Tokyo
How the capital's cash-strapped young people afford big city living.

The megapolis of Tokyo is the most populated in the world – with over 38 million citizens. In spite of its speedily greying population, urban density remains high, and affordable housing is a challenge for young professionals. For many, it’s hard to find rents for under 80,000 yen ($740, £590).

That’s why some of them are choosing to live in tiny, tiny loft apartments – apartments that look more like cupboards than anything else, around nine square metres.

But targeting 20 and 30-somethings on a budget with cramped living quarters is precisely the business model for one property company in the Japanese capital. Watch the video to find out how it could be a creative (if claustrophobic) housing solution for many young workers.