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(Credit: Piero Zagami and Michela Nicchiotti)
If you already feel like you’re doing three jobs at once, the superjobs of the future will make certain it stays that way.

People analytics, office “cobots” and more – artificial intelligence is changing the way we work. Some jobs are being automated away entirely, which may soon eliminate roles in fields including data entry and telemarketing. Other roles are being augmented by technology, becoming more digital and information driven, according to Deloitte.

That is because as machines take over routine tasks, the work that people actually do will become more flexible and multidisciplinary. “Soft” skills, such as teamwork and empathy, will grow in importance (the robots can’t do that – at least not yet). Those who can blend human skills with tech and other domain-specific knowledge are already in high demand, evidenced by the growth in “supertemps” and new “hybrid” jobs like data visualisation specialist and marketing analytics manager.

In the future, some of these will evolve further into what Deloitte calls “superjobs”, which combine tasks done by two or three different people today. They imagine an ‘HR experience architect’, who mines company data on worker sentiment and behaviour for insights while also possessing the communication and listening skills needed to work in human resources. Or a “robot-teaming coordinator”, who works with software developers to train robots. The firm predicts that in 10 years, 20-30% of positions will be superjobs. Are you ready?

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Image credit: Piero Zagami and Michela Nicchiotti.

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