If you can't concentrate on all of your responsibilities, you can pay a small fee to get some "deep work" done, distraction free.

Phone buzzing, dog barking, sirens screaming – there is a lot that can prevent you from digging into your work. Maybe you need to visit ‘the Cave’.

Several times a week in New York City, a company called Caveday hosts $25 (£20) sessions for anyone to gather and get work done, distraction free. You will, of course, need to give up your phone to these “procrastination nannies” right as you enter the doorway.

Cave sessions last three and a half hours, and are led by Caveday’s millennial founders. Expect stretches of deep concentration and short breaks (including yoga and group dancing) – and, of course, that all-elusive “deep work”.

“Technology is conspiring to get your attention,” says co-founder Jeremy Redleaf. “There is a war for your attention. We teach people that they have to fight back.”