The Zambian agri-tech app making farming cool
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The Zambian agri-tech app making farming cool
Farming is deeply woven into the fabric of Zambia. One company has built an app to help Zambian farmers succeed – and maybe make farming just a little cooler.

In Zambia, where agriculture accounts for 35% of the country’s GDP, farming is a way of life. One agri-tech company is bringing the future to Zambian farms.

Agripredict, led by young founder and CEO Mwila Kangwa, helps identify and stop the crop diseases that have ravaged Zambia’s farms in past seasons. Using Agripredict’s phone application, the 22,000 Zambian farmers in the company’s pilot programme can get detailed information on plant diseases and weather patterns that would before have come only from skilled agronomists. This has helped farmers cut costs and run their farms more efficiently, and also enabled older, non-tech-focused farmers access to reliable data – even if they cannot afford smartphone plans.

On a quest to revolutionise farming across Africa, Kangwa hopes that his app is the future of agriculture across the continent. “There are many challenges that other countries are facing, and this is why we have made our innovation so simple,” he says. “A farmer in the corner of Sudan could be able to use it.”