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How to relax on the internet


It won’t be surprising to hear that 75% of Brits and 60% of Americans find themselves overwhelmed by stress, especially about the future. Because, yes, the world is stressful. And a constant stream of content certainly doesn’t help: as our lives are more inextricably linked to the internet, it seems just about impossible to avoid bad news.

Could a screen filled with a beautiful, high-resolution coral reef scene, or a woman whispering, make you feel at least a little more relaxed? Well, maybe. An increasing number of people are turning to a new kind of relaxation economy – where you can find a chill-out playlist, or be read a bedtime story about lavender fields in France. It’s part of the surging global wellness industry, a market valued at a staggering $4.2 tn dollars worldwide.

Even if well-marketed apps and furniture don’t actually stoke Zen in you, it may be worth stopping to try to breathe, anyway: everyone deserves a little break, don’t they?

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